Boost Your Sales with Johnson Advertising’s Abandoned Shopper Tool

Unfortunately, e-commerce is an all-or-nothing game. If you make 99% sales that lead to shopper abandoned cart, then your revenue is $0.00. More than 70% of the time, shoppers leave retailers with an abandoned cart in this online shoppers’ world. In such situations, every opportunity to convert an engaged consumer becomes more valuable.

With Johnson Advertising’s advanced Abandoned Shopper tool, you can convert a significant percentage of shopping cart abandonments via tailored customer journeys and generate more revenue for your business. Cart abandonment is making your payment suffer. So, turn your lost carts into sales with Johnson Advertising. Our experts with our advanced technology will help you recover lost sales automatically.

What Do You Mean by Shopping Cart Abandonment?

When a potential customer starts buying for online order and then checking drops out of the process, leaving the item in the cart before completing the purchase, any item that enters the cart but never makes it to the transaction is considered abandoned. Cart abandonment is a severe aspect that needs immediate attention by retailers.

The total number of completed transactions divided by the total number of transactions gives you the shopping cart abandonment rate. The rate will let you know the percentage of shoppers who intended to buy the item as they added that to their cart but don’t complete the purchase. A high cart abandonment rate means poor user experience.

Our experts help you optimize the checkout flow for online retailers, which should be the core area of focus of your e-commerce business.


What causes Shoppers without Completing the Checkout Process?

Before coming to a solution, it is essential to find the cause of the problem. Whether it’s taxes, shipping costs, processing fees, or other prices, the total cost fives away more shoppers than anything else. Besides, many other issues may cause cart abandonment.

Convert Abandoned Carts into Revenue Hotspots with Our Advance Tool

Abandoned Shopper technology offers to capture the shopper data for the automobiles in the automotive industry or any other e-commerce storefront. Our Abandoned Shopper helps you recover more than just carts. Most of the cart abandonment tools work once a visitor start to checkout. However, this cart abandonment tool takes you further back into the funnel to reach out and dig up more information about sales and customer behavior. 

Why Developers and Marketers Trust Abandoned Shopper

Enriched with innovative features, a dedicated & passionate team of experts, and integration, Abandoned Shopper, is the easiest and most effective way to increase conversions. Being the most advanced tool for capturing website shopper data, it catches almost 95% of the shoppers visiting the website named as ‘lost shoppers’ that will never text you, call you, or fill the form. This advanced technology tracks these shoppers’ data and stores them safely on an exclusive and interactive customized dashboard. 

The dashboard stores unlimited data daily, VDP’s, pages visited, and more, along with tracking the journey of shopper on your website, who they are, and from they came, for example,, AutoTrader, Facebook, Goggle, and more. 

Besides, the dashboard automatically sends up to six personal emails from your dealership. 


Start Converting More Shopper Today

Once Abandoned Shopper has collected sufficient data, use this advanced technology to tell you which version of your page performs better and what you need to do to enhance its functionality.