Reach New Group of Potential Customers That Don’t Even Know about Existence of Your Business with Conquest Email Marketing

The conquest email marketing involves a targeted email system that goes over with a fine-tooth comb into your business for the audience looking for your services or products. It is a great and effective way to brand your company and promote your services and products to people in the concerned market.

Contrary to usual retention email marketing, where the attention is your existing customer base, Conquest Email marketing compels new prospects looking at the dealership of your competitors to shop from your business. Our experts at Johnson Advertising work with you to design a rock-solid plan to help you fulfill your objectives, find in-market customers, and provide you the scope to grow beyond your database.

Johnson Advertising has the expertise and uses the efficient tool to offer credit information, income data, customer information, market segmentation, and lifestyle choices to assist you in finding the right customers for your auto dealerships. 

Conquest Email Helps Rev Up Your Automotive Business

Expand your automotive marketing area via conquest email. Target your potential customers within the proximity of your business using our proprietary subscriber database. With expertly designed attractive emails, you could offer the footings to your business needed to control the market in innovative ways you never could before. 

Data is the fuel of the AIM system. It is only as good as how you use it. So, it would help if you leveraged it in every possible way you can. Conquest Email software cleverly generates a list of shoppers for your services or products with many different data points. We don’t want to nor believe in wasting you’re your money, energy, or time to target prospects that don’t intend on purchasing from you. 

We use data from various resources and compile it to get the best data to create a successful email campaign for your business. We use the following:

  • Historical Data- from known events connected to specific customers
  • Self-Reported Data- from customers who have requested some information
  • Transactional Data- from third party marketing partners
  • Real-Time Data- from our predictive modeling engine & AI.

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Lure Customers with Conquest Emails

Here at Johnson Advertising, our clients trust us because of our creative, exciting, original, and fresh designs. We don’t believe in creating templates and reusing them across our other clients. Every creative piece is uniquely designed according to your business’s needs, whether that involves highlighting the used, creating new, or special discounts or events. 

Our team of digital specialists works hard to get your approval for Conquest Email’s design, and only after that will they begin to HTML code it. While we are hitting the new prospects, this will come in handy to deploy the same from CRM to your loyal clientele. 

We will associate with you to determine the following

  • zip code target,
  • excluding customers from the conquest list
  • conduct test to ensure all is functioning correctly

After receiving your approval, we will launch immediately. If you have a specific date in mind that you want to start promoting, it’s great, and if not, it’s fine. We will deploy a specific date and time as well. 

We design trackable conquest email marketing campaigns, which is important to the metrics that allow you to see the impact of your email marketing budget. We will code all the emails to track the website traffic via Google Analytics to provide you full transparency as to how much increase in traffic has occurred over the campaign’s life. 

We Create Responsive Designs for Conquest Emails for Auto Dealerships

Our conquest email marketing campaigns are designed to get your potential customers to visit and navigate your website. As more people prefer to use mobile devices, we use responsive designs optimized according to the device being used. Primarily, customers look for local businesses and check their emails on mobile devices. Therefore, the marketing campaign emails must be opened and read regardless of the device being used. 

The mailing software is used to monitor your campaign with several servers and IPs to maximize the likelihood of the email reaching your customers. We can have a 48 hours turnaround for your campaign and get the blast deployed so that your marketing strategy can have the edge over your competitors. 

Benefits of Conquest Email Marketing with Johnson Advertising

We are confident in our Conquest Email Marketing campaigns that we ensure you would see dramatic results. Following are the benefits you are sure to get with conquest email marketing:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Stimulate & encourage new sales 
  • Get real-time results
  • Increase in your ROI


Dealer Email Marketing is the automotive email leader with extremely high open and CTR in the industry. Every deployment consists of 100,000 emails, UTM Tags, Custom Creative/HTML, Opener Postal Data, Redeployment to Openers, Month End Campaign Report, and Sold Customer Match-back Report.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From the Conquest Email Marketing?

In addition to auto dealership, almost all the business can benefit highly from conquest email marketing. We can provide excellent results for but not limited to:

  • Law offices
  • Dance Studios
  • Auto body and repair companies
  • Gymnastic academies
  • Political campaigns
  • Insurance agencies
  • Dental offices
  • Chiropractors
  • Restaurants
  • Real estate offices
  • Tutoring Institutes
  • Medical Practitioners 

You will get increased traffic to your website with our great open and click-through rates. We assist in message, design, readability, clarity, and ease of click-through and do not leave the email creation up to you. We strive to help you get the most of your marketing dollar. 


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Successful marketing involves the right balance of how much you spend on strategic campaigns versus how much you expect to get in return. So, conquest email marketing is your solution strategy that maximizes your ROI. Johnson Advertising has years of experience working with various clients from various niches.

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