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Boost Your Marketing Outreach with Direct Mail

Direct mail is an undervalued way to reach your potential customers. These days you all have digital fatigue. Many of you are glued to your smartphones. However, that doesn’t mean that the huge amount of advertising is influencing the consumers. An integral marketing tactic, direct mail is an effective way of building brand awareness and connecting with your customers. In this rapidly digitizing world, achieving direct mail success is a multi-channel approach. You can make the most of your money spent on marketing.

Let’s Grow Your Business Response with Direct Mail

Are you in sync with your customer’s language? Do your marketing efforts get any results? If your business has not initiated a direct marketing plan to date, then you could be missing out on a great conversion opportunity.

Let our team help you showcase all the best your business has to offer with direct mail marketing services.

Trust the experts! The team at Johnson Advertising will work with you to design a marketing campaign that will present your message in the best possible way and at affordable rates. We will be by your side at each step from concept to completion and ensure to transform your idea into reality. To convert your target audience into loyal customers, we target the right avenues of advertising. We have the expertise as well as experience to implement your campaign fully.

Why Choose Direct Mail Marketing Services?

  • Targeted and flexible
  • Offers measurable results
  • Allows for efficient lead generation
  • Enables customized communication
  • Improves customer retention and reactivation
  • Helps to connect the online & offline worlds
  • More trustworthy for customers

Engage Your Audience with Simple Steps


With our latest data software, we customize your list with desired specifications such as postal route, zip code, and demographics with our mapping tool to reach the best prospects of the sales event. We can also use the list curated by you.


Our experienced team of designers will help you develop an original creative to make your business stand out from your competitors. They will ensure that the design contains all the key elements that will fetch you great results.

Launch & Production

You can place your order online and leave the rest to us. Johnson Advertising offers complete direct mail production services using our comprehensive and proven production management model.


Our professional logistics team will deliver direct mail personally to the local post office. Moreover, you can also choose the standard freight delivery. We ensure your mail gets delivered on time either way and without any incident.


Our project managers will follow up directly once your mail is delivered to verify that it has reached your intended customers.


You can maximize your direct mail marketing campaign by reaching all potential audiences via email, Facebook, and other methods.

How We Can Help You Get More Responses with Direct Mail Marketing

Personalize the Message

If you are interested in keeping your automotive business in front of the potential audience, give direct mail marketing a try and learn how to tailor the message according to the needs of your intended clientele. We can add PURL’s to the mailers that allow tracking their activity in real-time and evaluate your mail’s result.

Targeted Direct Mail 

We offer target direct mail services that suit your budget, from connecting with commercial real estate prospects to reaching automotive prospects. We will ensure that:

  • An up-to-date contact list is developed for the campaign
  • Your mailer has clear messaging and looks great with colors
  • Mailer reaches your prospects on time for a promotion, product launch, or a special event,

Customized Mailings for Enhanced Results

Being one of the leading direct mail marketing companies, Johnson Advertising works to see your campaign succeed. Regardless of what you need, a tailored printed piece, or help with deciding the right zip codes to target, our team offers an all-inclusive package to meet your needs and demands.

What do Our Direct Mail Services include?

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Promotional items
  • Envelopes
  • Postcards
  • Cards and invitations
  • ePublications

Whether you prefer a more traditional approach or would like to engage in the latest technologies, Johnson Advertising has the expertise and tools you require to market your auto dealership the way you exactly want to see it.

Talk to our experts today to know more about direct mail and its benefits for your company. 

Know what you want? Contact us to get started.