Create Highly Personalized Dynamic Ads with Facebook

Facebook has become more of a marketing platform than just a mere social media platform. More than eighty percent of marketers are using the platform for advertising. This huge number of advertisers seeks Facebook as their marketing platform because it regularly creates great advertising products for companies to achieve great results. Facebook Dynamic Ads is one such product that takes remarketing a step higher by combining the effectiveness of Facebook remarketing with automation. 

Of all the Facebook ad types available, none is more suitable for remarketing than the dynamic one. Though they might look like a typical ad with an image, collection, carousel, or story, dynamic ads are powered by user interests, actions, machine learning, and intent to serve the most relevant services and products offered by the businesses. 

Also known as DPAs or dynamic product ads, they can technically leverage them at the top funnel. Our experts use several different ways to use dynamic ads as a retargeting tool for users, especially those in the e-commerce space. 

If you are diving into Facebook marketing for the first time, Johnson Advertising is happy to help with advertising campaigns that offer nothing but success.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

They are the advertisements made via Facebook that show the relevant products to the correct people automatically. Facebook Dynamic are automated to be shown to users based on numerous factors, including which page user visited on your website, whether they have bought anything or not, how far the customers have got in the process, products in their cart, if any, and others. These ads are highly targeted and might cater to a close individual basis. 


What All You Require for Facebook Dynamic Ad?

Your business requires a business Manager AccountA Business Manager account as the dynamic ads work at a larger scale for more than most ads.

Advance Facebook Dynamic Ads Services for Auto Dealerships 

As Facebook holds a huge amount of visitor data, it makes segmenting and retargeting quite advance with Dynamic Ads. The information is pulled by Facebook from its comprehensive database and then automatically matches ads to the potential customers. Facebook uses an algorithm that keeps everything up to date, and you don’t have to change or add anything to your ads manually. 

Design Ads for Particular Business Objectives

You can customize Facebook Dynamic Ads into three different types of industries, including;

  • Automotive for people who are looking to buy cars
  • Travel for promoting itineraries for travelers 
  • Real estate for people looking for a house

Why Your Auto Dealership Must Use Facebook Dynamic?

Due to exceptional targeting techniques and expansive reach, Facebook Ads are extremely valuable. Facebook Dynamic Ads make advertising less confusing and consume less time. It helps:

  • Create ads quicker than before
  • Highly-specific ads
  • Increase reach 
  • Effective, affordable, and easy solution
  • Products can be showcased on mobile desktop, laptop, and tablets via Instagram & Facebook
  • Automatically syncs with revisions in product details 
  • Highly customized ad content

Social Marketing Digital serves customized dynamic Facebook or Instagram ads to your website customers in real-time. Our experts offer a seamless process via our platform to capture the info of your website shoppers and serve them Facebook Carousel Ads featuring the vehicles. We evaluate and report on Clicks by VDP Clicks, VIN/Stock#, cost per moved vehicle, inits moved showing CPC vehicle, and more. 

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