Unlock the Power of Your Customer’s Smartphone with Johnson Advertising

Today, consumers have an intimate relationship with their phones. They rely everything on them from communication to shopping and avoiding human contact. When it comes to advertising your business, the main concern is how to get in front of your potential customers to get the sale. 

Though nothing comes with a guarantee in marketing, however, if we can confidently put ‘guarantee’ on something, your target audience will most likely look at their smartphones anywhere from 10-100 times in a day. Research confirmed by Samsung & Apple states that users unlock their smartphones 80 times in a single day. 

So, there has never been a better time to use location-based technologies in your marketing and advertising. Proximity marketing is one of the key tactics that work great for car dealers and other industries of all sizes. 

What is Proximity Marketing?

The information coming to you from all the directions is quite overwhelming. You can’t drive down or walk on the street without receiving ten new advertisements aiming for your attention every second. The same happens when you browse on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or when you are simply surfing the internet. With so much competition, business owners are worried about how to make them visible to potential customers. Proximity Marketing is the solution to their worries.

With cellular technology, Proximity Marketing helps to identify the mobile devices within a certain radius of a business to send them alluring and captivating marketing messages. 

Different types of proximity marketing devices include:

Bluetooth or Beacon Proximity Marketing

This technology is empowered by beacons that are little devices that send BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals to nearby mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. On emission, these one-way radio waves interact with the smartphones in the vicinity of the Beacon device. When a signal reaches a phone from a Beacon, it stimulates specific actions such as location-based alerts and notifications. 

Geo-fencing- Proximity Marketing

Geofencing is a technology that is utilized for mobile proximity targeting. Geofence is a virtual boundary around real-world geographic areas. A Geofence is generated around a point location like a store as a radius. 

Proximity Geofencing Marketing allows businesses to micro-target consumers based on the physical places they go. Experts at Johnson Advertising can place a Geofence directly around the location of a building you want to target. Then we initiate capturing the ID of people’s mobile devices who walk inside that Geofence. Then we serve ads to those people while they are present at the location. It is also possible to interact with them for up to 30 days.

You can target geographic boundaries from anywhere in the US for mobile ad serving, which includes:


  • Zip Codes
  • Nationwide
  • Statewide
  • City Boundaries
  • Neighborhoods
  • Local Communities
  • Zip Codes
  • Points of Interest
  • Multi-Market
  • Around OOH

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Proximity Marketing Catering to the Challenges of Automotive Dealerships 

Managing footfalls is not a big challenge for verticals like car dealers. Their mounting challenge is an in-store experience of potential customers and to gain the loyalty of their customers. Despite the massive number of latest technologies driving sales and marketing campaigns, automotive dealers keep on their struggle with gaining customer loyalty. If the automotive dealers want to stay in the competition, they must build customer loyalty as after-sales services are increasingly becoming less popular.

Consumers are getting smarter and pickier over time. They want the right deals at the right time. Besides, they expect a more personalized experience on their every interaction. It’s a huge undertaking to buy a vehicle, and it is of supreme importance for dealers to know how to cater to their customers to seal the deal.

With constantly changing trends, proximity marketing is your best foot forward to extend a warm on-store experience to your potential customers and converting them into buyers. At Johnson Advertising, our expert marketers can help you fetch more customers. 

Johnson Advertising’s Dealer Proximity Drives Auto Dealership Customer Experience


As you roam around with your smartphones, your cellular connection is tracked and managed between towers. Email marketing systems can utilize your location to push conquest emails to only those devices within a specific region. 

When you combine group technology with email, you can see immense success in your marketing efforts. Johnson Advertising introduces Dealer Proximity Marketing that combines the power of Geofencing and Conquest Email to micro-target in-market Auto Shoppers. We set up the system and send 100,000 conquest emails to those in your market and then upload their home address in DPM. 

This advance platform then automatically generates a fence around each home to capture the IDs of all the devices in the home. It then allows us to serve ads on their smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and CTV/OTT. We also offer transparent reporting that shows CTRs, VDPs, and more.

Our experts can help you create proximity boundaries around locations or companies for consumer Geofencing. Once the consumers walk through Geofencing, they will receive real-time push alerts of products, services, deals, special events, offers, and more. 

Benefits of Using JA Dealer Proximity

With the popularity of smartphones, Dealer Proximity has become especially popular in retail marketing and social media. There are many different ways your dealership can use this platform. Here are some examples of what you can achieve with this technology:

  • Drive increased foot traffic by offering more deals, promotional offers to the potential customers as they pass by
  • Engage visitors during special events such as trade shows, festivals conferences, and more.
  • Offer suggestion regarding services and products based on customer location
  • Target ads to a particular audience to find out what strategies can work best based on location-data of users
  • Redirecting potential customers from a competitor venue by building a Geofence around their location and promoting special offers
  • Keep an eye on employees, especially people who do fieldwork, such as real estate agents

Reach Out to More Customers, Grow Foot Traffic, and Achieve Increased Revenue with Proximity Marketing