Connect with Your Customers via Facebook News Feed Ads

When setting up paid Facebook newsfeed ad, many boxes are needed to be checked.

You must be having many overwhelming thoughts while creating the ad,

Are you pitching the right content?

Are you targeting the correct people?

Are the dimensions of the image up to scale?

Whether you are running the right ad type?

Have you mentioned the right budget?

The trail of thoughts is endless, and if you are honest, it can confuse you a little.

With more than two and half billion people using Facebook every month, the social media platform offers quite an opportunity for marketers to extend their organic efforts. With the investment of money, time, and energy on the line, there is not much space left to oversight. It is a potential gold mine for advertisers and marketers where they can reach almost any target audience.

Our experts at Johnson Advertising help you make the most of your Facebook ad dollars. We optimize your ads for conversions.

Increase bottom Line of Your Auto Dealership with News Feed Ads

News Feed Ad is the constantly updating list of photos, videos, status updates and more right in the middle of the Facebook home page. It includes the updates from the friends, groups and pages you have joined or followed and advertisers. You can use images and videos to show off your brand, service, or product in new ways in the News Feed.

Facebook News Feed Ads allow you to run a targeted advertising campaign to meet specific objective with ads that display in the mobile and/or desktop News Feed of targeted users depending on the goals.

The objectives of the advertisers may include:

  • Event Responses
  • App Installs
  • Website Conversions
  • Website Clicks
  • Page Likes
  • Page Post Engagement

Once you determine your goal, you can begin settling up your campaign. It includes selecting advanced options to target gender, age, location, interests, and more. After choosing your audience, you add a budget, message, and creativity.

With certain types of campaign, you can tempt people to take action by including a call to action button directly. You can select the different call to action buttons to choose from, like Book Now, Shop Now, Order Now, Get Directions, and more, depending on your objectives and brand.

Many formats are available for Facebook News Feed ads based on the campaign and goal type. However, they have common facts that these ads show up in the Facebook News Feed and recognized as sponsored content.

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What Are News Feed Ads?

Traffic and Leads for Your Automotive Website

One of the main purposes of Facebook News Feed Ads is to drive traffic to your auto dealership website. It includes:

  • An overall increase in your website reach
  • Participate in an event
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Send users to a particular landing page to avail services

Also, there are many kinds of activities for lead generation. Following ads help to drive traffic to your website:

  • Video Ads
  • Boosted Page Posts
  • Link Click Ads

Visitors for an Event or Your Store

If you want to drive visitors to your auto dealer store or an event organized by your company, you can create a targeted Facebook News Feed Ad. It is always more complex to measure offline promotions, but it performs well if targeted correctly.

  • Offer Claims
  • Event Ads
  • Local Awareness Ads
  • Messenger Ads

Sales and Leads for Your Service or Product

Getting the target audience to engage with the ad and making them interested in some of your services may lead to buying the vehicle. You can offer some discounts, tell them to register for service and make them visit your store this way. These ad types include:

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads

Johnson Advertising’s Social Synergy to Turn Leads into Conversions

At Johnson Advertising, our experts create highly targeted News Feed Ad, which is different and better than your store’s Facebook Page. Our specially trained experts at the Call Center will answer all the incoming inquiries and PM who will also set your appointments. Every campaign that we offer features a customized HD video that helps connect better with the audience and increase the prospect engagement.

Social Energy also includes our recommended “Audit Checklist.’ Johnson Advertising is Facebook Blueprint certified. Complement everything with your SergeAl Dashboard, which helps you track live conversations, engagements, and appointments set.